About Us

Our Profile

RBK Global (Hong Kong) Limited started as a Small Medium Enterprise (SME) and it has sustained the growth in terms of turnover since its inception. We deal in products ranging from Chemicals, Petrochemicals, Fertilizers, Bitumen, Polymer, Oil, metal, Electronics, aviation and other miscellaneous products. We believe in providing quality products and in a timely manner.


Core values of our company include Quality, collaboration, consistency and sustainability.

We believe in providing Quality products to our customers and other stakeholders.

We collaborate with the local producers around the world to market and distribute the products.

We promise to maintain consistency in the quality of our products and do our bit to ensure sustainability in the products.


To pioneer the global trading organizational network and excel in the products/ regions we operate in and maintain the consistency in the qualities of all the products.


To be consistent in delivering superior quality products to our customers and other stakeholders by collaborating with the best local producers from around the world.

Our Markets

Over the time, our markets have expanded and diversified. We have diversified our business to all of South Asia, part of Middle East, ASEAN regions, China and part of East and West Africa.

Our Suppliers

Most of our suppliers are manufacturing conglomerates in Far East Asia, ASEAN Region, China and the Middle East. Raw cotton suppliers are from India and we are expanding Buyers’ Network to Pakistan & West Africa as well.


In view of confidentiality, we are not in a position to disclose our client’s details on our site. We can provide our client’s details of your region upon your request.

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