RBK Global (Hong Kong) Limited is involved in the Import and Export of Industrial raw materials and commodities. Over the years, the company has strived to fulfil the requirements of its partners who are mostly end-users/manufactures. As the company’s partners grow in their respective businesses and expand through vertical integration,RBK Global (Hong Kong) Limited grows with them by helping them source the relevant raw materials for their expanding industries.

RBK Global (Hong Kong) Limited has a long-established global presence providing a full range of risk management products to participants from all the sectors of the base metal market. RBK Global (Hong Kong) Limited acts as a principal intermediary in a variety of exchanged-listed and over the counter commodity derivatives. As an Associate Broker clearing member (Category Two) of the London Metal Exchange, RBK Global (Hong Kong) Limited can issue LME contracts and is an active market-maker specializing in base metals.

Global Solutions

The metals and energy derivatives group within RBK provide pricing to end-users, traders, producers, smelters, fabricators and financial investors using both standard and more structured derivative instrument.

Leveraging their extensive physical and financial trading knowledge, the metal group is staffed by an experienced metal specialist who participates globally in the trading, financing and market-making of metal options, futures, swaps and warrants.

Welcome to the RBK Global (Hong Kong) Limited.

As the Director of RBK Global (Hong Kong) Limited. I would like to express my sincere gratitude for your interest.

RBK Global (Hong Kong) Limited, as the International trading Solution Provider, Imports Exports products and brands that are high in quality and affordable at a reasonable price, on the foundation of our rich global network.

Not only do we, overall qualified RBK Global (Hong Kong) Limited employees, exceed our customers’ expectations through our professionalism that aims perfection, and diverse overbroad experience, we are also enthusiastic about developing new businesses.

First established in 2017, and ever since, RBK Global (Hong Kong) Limited, has been focused on creating customer values. Based on our five core values,- customer focus, challenging mind, professionalism, respect, integrity- RBK Global (Hong Kong) Limited seeks to grow and develop as an International trade for our customers.

Thank you.

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